We Are TCAF is a network of like-minded individuals and organizations who are committed to rebuilding the lives of children and families in the former war zone of Northern Uganda. We encourage you to explore this section of our site to learn more about our passion for positive change in the region, as well as the exceptional people, businesses, and organizations who share that passion.


Today’s Children, Africa’s Future’s success is made possible by the dedication of individuals who believe that by contributing their resources, time or skills they can help to provide the children of Northern Uganda with an education and the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. Here are a few of the individuals who are helping to bring change to Northern Uganda.

Annie De Brock

I was introduced to Today’s Children, Africa’s Future when my film professor at Santa Clara University gave me the opportunity to create a promotional video and short documentary for them. While scouring through hours upon hours of video footage and hundreds of photographs, I fell in love with TCAF. Their work is truly inspiring. They believe in the transformative benefits of education and that by working in alliance with the community in Northern Uganda to provide educational opportunities for the children and families; that they can become self-sufficient and will be able to lift themselves out of poverty. The children I “met” through editing these videos deeply touched me. The unbelievable passion, dedication, and patience of TCAF and their northern Uganda partners the Comboni Samaritans of Gulu inspire me every day.

David Stanfield

I had the privilege of working on a class project for Today’s Children, Africa’s Future at Fresno State. It was then that I discovered a passion for the children of Uganda. I quickly moved beyond the class project, was blessed to be able to sponsor a child, and further involved myself in TCAF’s initiatives. It has been an honor to see TCAF grow and evolve into a uniquely affective organization and participate in the education of children in the region.

Summerfield Farms

Summerfield Farms is happy to take a stand with Today’s Children, Africa’s Future to forever change the lives of children trapped in poverty in Northern Uganda. TCAF provides an incredible opportunity to directly impact the life of a child. TCAF’s partnerships in Uganda swiftly match sponsors with a child. It has been a distinct privilege to partner with TCAF support their initiatives. It is our hope that you too would consider helping to lift a child in Northern Uganda out of poverty forever.

Dr. Suzanne Kotkin-Jaszi

As a public health professional, I have been all over Latin America and Asia working with governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). I have seen street children who hang out, steal, prostitute and sniff glue to deal with their hopelessness and lack of options. I support TCAF because it gives children a future that is free from being victims and instills hope that through education, they can be more than street people, thugs and petty criminals. TCAF does this important work by partnering with a local organization, GSG with a twenty-year track record of making a difference in Uganda.

Mr. Opiyo Masimo, Executive Director of Comboni Samaritans of Gulu

The Comboni Samaritans of Gulu are honored to be partners with Today’s Children , Africa’s Future in our common mission to support the most vulnerable children of Northern Uganda . Working together we are moving in a positive direction and children are getting support in advancing in their education. Our collaboration in providing vulnerable children, with their school fees, counseling and attending to their basic needs, gives them the chance to improve their lives and have a better future . Please join us in helping these children.

Sister Dorina Tadiello , MD

I am SR. DORINA TADIELLO, a Comboni Missionary Sister and I have been serving in the Comboni Samaritans of Gulu since 1994. I join hands with TCAF in supporting vulnerable children and sharing the love of your hearts for them. Many of our children are living in very difficult situations and finding it difficult to access education, health and basic needs. Not only children have a special place in our hearts but many other vulnerable persons because of disabilities, mental illness chronic disease like AIDS, Traumatized people because of war.

In these years I have witnessed so many miracles happening here, so many lives transformed, from desperation to hope and a new life. From this corner of the world I can see a new world growing in Love and a new future for all of us.

I appreciate so much the wonderful work you are doing at all levels. May God continue to inspire you, bless your work and reward you with Joy, Love, and Peace.

you-are-tcaf-tooYou Are TCAF Too

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