We Are TCAF is a network of like-minded individuals and organizations who are committed to rebuilding the lives of children and families in the former war zone of Northern Uganda. We encourage you to explore this section of our site to learn more about our passion for positive change in the region, as well as the exceptional people, businesses, and organizations who share that passion.


Today’s Children, Africa’s Future’s success is made possible by the dedication of individuals who believe that by contributing their resources, time or skills they can help to provide the children of Northern Uganda with an education and the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. Here are a few of the individuals who are helping to bring change to Northern Uganda.

you-are-tcaf-tooYou Are TCAF Too

Would you like to become a part of We Are TCAF? Visit our Donate page and choose the donation option that best suits you. Or check out More Ways to Help. Got another idea for how you can help TCAF improve the lives children in Northern Uganda? Let us know.
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