My name is Akello Kevin; I live in Loyoajonga in Lalogi Sub county Gulu district in northern Uganda. I was born on 3th march 1996 and am now 15 years old. I never grew up from where I was born because of the Lord Resistance army (LRA) rebels invasions in our area. So we were displaced in a suburb of Gulu Town where I actually grew up. Before we got displaced from our home village, a lot of terrifying things were happening during the rebels operation in the north. For example some time we could stay without what to eat because you can’t stay at home and so you have to stay in the bush to escape from death by rebels, studies was also an impossible ventures at that time because the schools are closed, some teachers were abducted by the rebels including some pupils. It was not normal for us to go through this but because of God grace; we managed to move ahead with life and survived the terrible murder. The rebels operation caused many problems in northern Uganda like many young people were abused in various ways e.g. child neglect, girls were raped, people got abducted, people lost their home stead and were displaced and many more…… this story hurt me so much that I cannot stand the pain and most of my kid friends were abducted and made to become young mothers , others were killed and I really missed the so much. These justify the reasons why most people in my village are poor and unable to attain their basic needs from the time of the rebel’s insurgency up to now. Life was not worth in northern Uganda especially where I was born.

We moved from the village and came to a town suburb of Gulu where life seems more hard and miserable since there was no were to dig and find food. I hated my life and regretted why I came to this annoying world from that time until I meet you as a gracious friend/ pal who brought back the hope I had lost for my life. May God bless you so much.

Meanwhile in our family, God blessed my parents eight children, three boys and five girls. The brothers I have are Ogenrwot Abel, Okello Boniface and Odongpiny Sharak. And the girls are Lalam Jackline,Libangi Sharon, Lapolo Scovia and me. In my family my mother makes pots out of clay soil and sells and we get money for basic needs, school fees.

Uganda-dec-2008--murchason-870My father is a peasant farmer. And now everyone in the family knows how to makes pots including my father. My mother started this economic activities since her childhood were she learnt from her mother also who is now our grandee. Because of this activity, many people who stay around our place now know how to make pot and they really appreciate my mum for initiating them in her business. Me too I love the business because it has enabled us to live above the poverty line. Now that am in a boarding school for my high school, I only make pots during holidays so as to get some money for my personal needs. And I think I won’t stop this activity because it is very important and it means a lot to me and my family.

Otherwise, I thank God for where I am now, imagine a poor family like ours is dying of ignorance but through the grace of God they managed to nurse me and right from primary one up to the time you took over the hand to help and started supporting me. With your support, it has again exposed me to a new environment and society.

Kevin's-pictureOur school is located five(5 km) north of Gulu town, it is called pope john Paul II College and it is found in Bungatira sub county Gulu district. It’s a mixed ‘O’ and ‘A’ level school with high level of performance where they always send more than 20 students to the various public universities on government sponsors in the country. I love my school and promise to keep its motto “our light shines.” I will keep it shinning and hope I will perform very well with the help of my teachers and friends. From school I have good friends who support me socially, academically and spiritually. We have two churches for Christians, one for Catholics and the other one is for protestant. For me and friends, we fellowship in protestant church. The life in our school is absolutely perfect and so good; I love and miss it during holidays. While at school I love spending my leisure/free time with my friends, I love them because the mean a lot to me. We always spend most of our free time in school garden behind our dormitory; it has a beautiful flowers and good looking short trees which provide us with umbrella shade. We always discuss the issues of our school performances and also some questions. We also sing and sing songs and enjoy school life together as friends. We love studies and promised to make each other progress. I love school because I have good and best people as friends and teachers. Our school welcomes everyone and you can also take part in our company because we love visitors and love making friends` from school, from school we eat beans as the only dish and on Sundays, the school provides meat to students for their lunch every week. We enjoy them because they are our normal meals and we are used.

I love doing many things and enjoy the as my hobbies and among them are I play football, netball, athletics, fetching water, cooking food, making pots, prayers, singing, dancing and listening to gospel songs .really I love these activities because they make me sound and healthy. While in the village, I always spend my time digging with my parents and I love doing farm work because it provides us with food and money after selling the harvest. I also love telling stories with my village friends. One day I remember I narrated to them a story about how I used to fetch water when I was still young. The story goes like this, it was one evening when my mother insisted that I should not go to the well to fetch water, I insisted and went, from there while I was coming back carrying water in a 20 litters jerrican on my head, I meet a very big snake and it was lying by the road side, I threw the jerrican from my head and ran home yelling to the top of my voice seeking for help, on reaching home , my mother and others laughed at me and said that I should always learn to listen and that has taught me a lessons that I won’t forget.

Uganda-2--decBefore I sign out, you guys should know that life in our country is getting better because we are recovering from problems the LRA rebels heartless activities in the country. I say so because there is no more war at the moment and people are going back to their home where they were displaced long time ago. Education is being promoted since the students are free to move from their home to school. Uganda is the pearl of Africa and we as the next generation are trying to bring back the lost hope of our parents to light and develop our country.

I love my motherland Uganda and more so my home district and Acholi as my tribe because God has blessed and chosen the region the way he did for the iseralites.i love God for his grace and favor. I wish you the best. And lots of love from me Akello Kevin.

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