Little Diana Apiyo, 10, has already seen a lifetime of tragedy. The ten year old, who lives in the Amuru District of Uganda, has already spent most of her life as a fugitive, fleeing from place to place in a war torn country. The family was originally displaced in 1996 during the peak of the Lord’s Resistance Army activities. Both her father, Alex Ocitti, and a younger sister, Kevin Ayerwot, reportedly died of malaria. She has an older sister, Aloyo Proscovia, who is 12. The two girls live with their grandparents and an uncle, after being deserted by their birth mother.


The family’s grass thatched hut had no mattresses and a dirty blanket, likely received by the family during their Displaced Persons encampment, is shared by the girls and their grandmother. The girls listed their basic needs as the following: school uniforms, clothes for changing, food, shoes, shelter rehabilitation (grass thatch repair), blanket and bed sheets, mattresses, mosquito nets, school bags, text books and school supplies.

Delivering materials to sponsored children.

Delivering materials to the children.

Diana’s school headmaster said that she sometimes misses school because of a lack of books and supplies, and she wears  her only school uniform, which is torn and dirty, for daily wear as well. She also gets no food to eat while at school and has limited intake at home.

Because of the partnership between Today’s Children, Africa’s Future and the Comboni Samaritans of Gulu, there is hope for these little ones. In November 2012, items procured with funding from TCAF, were delivered by the Comboni Samaritans to the girls. They included three changes of clothes for each, shoes, blankets and sheets, mattress, mosquito nets, school bags and text books and a dozen pens. In addition, payment for the girls’ tuition and school uniforms had been made.

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