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Education is the key to a brighter future for Uganda, yet there are an estimated one million children in the region who are unable to attend school. You can make a difference by directly sponsoring the education and other basic necessities of a child in Northern Uganda.

For $40 per month ($480 per year), you can provide an education and a better life to a child in need. You’ll receive updates on your child’s progress and follow them as they work toward success.

Long-term Support

Sponsor a Child

The ideal sponsor will commit to supporting a child continuously until they have completed secondary school. If there is a significant development in the child’s life, such as the loss of a guardian or placement in an advanced school, TCAF will inform you and we will work together to address the changing needs of the child.

If you are ready to commit to sponsoring a specific child (such as those listed below), fill out this form. TCAF will contact you to discuss arrangements.


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Children Who Need Sponsors


Auma Harriet Peace

Student ID # 4119

Harriet is sixteen years old and lives in Pece Village , Gulu district. She does well in school and is in Senior 2 and wants to be a teacher. She has three siblings and their father died and the family has no source of Income. Without sponsorship she will not be able to continue in school.

Brian Omiya, Rwot

Brian Omiya, Rwot

Student ID # 1216

Brian’s name means in the Acholi language; ‘Rwot omiya’ as ‘God has given me’. He is 6 years old, and lives with his single mother whom is 35 years old with six children. Brian wants to be a pilot. Grace is a very hard working woman; she is a farmer who tries to provide for the needs of her children, but is unable to pay their school fees.


Daisy Alimocan

Student ID # 4018

Daisy is ten years old and lives with her 28 year old single mother and two younger sieblings in Aswa, Gulu district. The father abandoned the mother and children because she works in Lacor Hospital and he believes that he could become HIV postive from her work. Daisy was sponsored in school by a Nun who died and until a new sponsor is found she will not be able to attend school.


Daniel Otukene

Student ID # 4105

Daniel is ten years old and in Primary 6 , he has five siebling , both of their parents are deceased , . The children are taken care of by a maternal Aunt in Palaro village , Gulu Dstrict . Daniel wants to become an enginerr and is very interested in school.


Edwin Olweny

Student ID # 4109

Edwin is 15 years old and lives with his 10 siblings and father and mother in Opit , Gulu District . The parents are both HIV affected and the father is paralyzed . Edwin does well in school and wants to become an account . Without a sponsor he will not be able to continue in school.

Innocent, Atimango

Innocent, Atimango

Student ID # 1215

Atimango is 8 years old and lives with her widowed mother and four siblings. They are farmers, and the mother does not receive any financial help to meet the needs of her children. Her other four siblings are struggling with education too. Atimango likes school and wants to become a doctor.


Issac Okello

Student ID # 4114

Issac is thirteen years old , both of his parents died , he and his three sieblings live with their 71 year old grandmother in Labworomor Village , Gulu District . Issac does well in school , he is in Primary 6 and he wants to become a priest.

Ivan, Opiyo

Ivan, Opiyo

Student ID # 1218

Ivan is 11 years of age. His father was killed when he was two years old. He and mother and brother live in a IDP Camp and she works as a cook in a school for $25.00 a month. Ivan is a very bright boy, and he wants to become a doctor, but without a school sponsor he will not be able to continue his schooling.

Jackline, Adong

Jackline, Adong

Student ID # 1214

Jackline is 13 years old, she is a very bright girl she placed fourth in a class of 54 pupils and wants to become a teacher. She lives with her single mother and two siblings. Her mother works as children’s cook in a nearby school, and earns about $25.00 a month. Without School Sponsorship Jackline will not be able to continue school.


Jennifer Lawino Olum

Student ID # 4111

Jennifer is an excellent student and university canidate. She is 15 years of age and received first grade to Join Senior one. She lives with her father and five other siblings approximately 70KLM from Gulu and must travel by Boda-Boda each day . Her local community administration has endorsed her for sponsorship, and she will qualify for a pre-university Residential school , if she receives a sponsor.

Kevin, Arena

Kevin, Arena

Student ID # 1207

Kevin is seven years old and lives with her 35 year old HIV/AIDS positive mother and three siblings. She would like to become a teacher but her mother is unable to support her and pay her school fees. Kevin is a very quiet girl and loves painting, reading and helping at home by doing the wash.


Mercy Oyella

Student ID # 4120

Mercy is 10 years old and live with her single mother near Negri Village, Gulu District. . Her father was killed by the LRA and the mother has no source of income. Mercy is in Primary grade 4 and with the support of continual sponsorship has proven she can be a good student.

Nancy, Akello

Nancy, Akello

Student ID # 1206

Nancy is eleven years old, she has three siblings, their father has deserted the family. Because her mother can not pay the fees she has missed several years of school. She enjoys school and wants to be a nurse. She does odd jobs in hopes of paying for her school and likes sports.

Pashwalo, Apuke

Pashwalo, Apuke

Student ID # 1212

Paskwalo is 10 years old and has five siblings, one of whom is a orphan that the family has adopted. His parents have farms that make approximately $100.00 a year, and can not pay for the children to go to school. Paskwalo is artistic and wants to be a art teacher.


Sandra Akello

Student ID # 4107

Sandra wants to become a nurse. She lives in Gulu district and is thirteen years old, the oldest of five siblings. She is in Primary 6. Her mother is divorced, and blind. Sandra does well in school but needs support with her school fees and other essentials of daily life.


Soloman Oceng

Student ID # 4118

Soloman is five years old and lives in St.Mauritz Village , Gulu District , with his mother and six siblings . Their father disappeared and the mother is unable to pay for Solomon’s school fees . He is in Kindergarten at Teasdale nursery and Primary school.


Sunday Bedogwa

Student ID # 4112

Sunday is 16 years old and is a very good student receiving first grade to join S1 . He wants to be an engineer.He lives in Nwonya district with his single mother and two sieblings . Due to his academic achiebvements and lack of financial support he is a good canidate for a residental school.

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