TCAF would like to recognize the following companies and organizations for their support.

Aspen Creek Photo

The photo enthusiast’s lab. Aspen Creek Photo’s mission is to change the way you print your photographs and how you think about printing. Aspen Creek has generously supported TCAF with gallery quality prints for various functions.

Craig School of Business (California State University Fresno)

Providing a high-quality business education to a diverse student body, the Craig School of Business offers well-rounded, active learning experiences and contributes to economic development in Central California. The Craig School of Business has partnered with TCAF to provide information technology and marketing support through its in-service learning programs and information systems capstone projects.

Ignition Labs

Ignition Labs provides graphic design and web development services. The best, most effective marketing solutions are born of meaningful collaboration with clients. Ignition Labs is committed to building relationships while building brands. Ignition Labs provides the website and brand identity of TCAF.

KickStart International

The mission of KickStart is to get millions of people out of poverty quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably. In doing so, KickStart changes the way the world fights poverty. TCAF has partnered with KickStart to distribute the Money Maker human-powered irrigation pumps throughout the previous war zone of Northern Uganda.

Santa Clara University Communication Department

SCU is a comprehensive, Jesuit Catholic university located in California’s Silicon Valley. It offers rigorous undergraduate curricula in arts and sciences, business, and engineering, as well as master’s, Ph.D., and law degrees. SCU has partnered with TCAF to provide marketing and public relations support and guidance through its capstone projects and student internships.

Summerfield Farms

Summerfield Farms LLC, located in California’s Central Valley, is owned by Paul and Vicki Stanfield and operated by the Stanfield family. Summerfield Farms specializes in growing walnuts and pecans and we are uniquely equipped to handle each stage of walnut production; from planting and orchard management to harvesting and hulling and dehydrating. We are proud to offer our customers the convenience of utilizing our 25 years of experience and full range of orchard management, crop production, and harvest services.

West Coast Imaging

West Coast Imagining is a specialty lab that caters to the needs of fine art photographers and those who use photography as a means of personal expression. West Coast Imaging produces prints of the finest quality for display in galleries and museums. TCAF is grateful to its staff for encouragement and graphics support.

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