No matter who you are, you can help. Together we’ll help begin to rebuild the lives of the children of Northern Uganda. If each of us gives just a few minutes of our time, or just a few dollars, the cumulative effect can help change people’s lives forever. There are lots of ways to take action and support the children and families of Northern Uganda.

Go Social

Go Social

Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Comment and retweet the latest links and pictures. Help us spread the word as we work to rebuild lives in Northern Uganda.

Show and Tell

Show & Tell

Gather your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, or relatives and show them what TCAF is doing in Northern Uganda. Share TCAF’s videos, pictures, and links. Let your friends know how they can become a part of TCAF.

TCAF Ambassador

Become a TCAF Ambassador

Start a TCAF group at your church, campus, organization, or club. Be the first to start a chapter in your city. Bring TCAF to your community and tell them about your commitment to the people of Northern Uganda, and the effort to end poverty. Need help getting started? Let us know.

Use Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination

What if you went to a movie one less time each month? What if you skipped your favorite coffee drink once a week? What if you got out some old clothes, games, books, or CDs and sold them on eBay? It’s amazing how little it takes to help rebuild lives. Go on, give it a shot. Make a difference.


Support Us on eBay

Did you know proceeds from your eBay sales can go to TCAF? Websites like MissionFish can help you do it. Consider designating a portion of your eBay sales to directly support TCAF’s initiatives. You can also support TCAF when you shop on eBay.

Volunteer Your Time


There are lots of ways to get involved without taking up too much of your time. Contact us to learn how.

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