Today’s Children, Africa’s Future, Inc. is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit international charitable organization. Our federal tax identification number (EIN) is 26–4687302. We’re committed to ensuring the absolute maximum amount of funding goes directly to the children in the communities we support.

TCAF uses a variety of methods to minimize administrative costs:

  • Our team works from home offices, using our own computers and office equipment.
  • While in Uganda, we rely on inexpensive public transportation rather than renting costly SUVs.
  • Our volunteers graciously donate their time and skills to help the children of Northern Uganda without monetary compensation.
  • By working directly with organizations like the Comboni Samaritans of Gulu (CSG), and other native Northern Uganda groups, we operate even more efficiently.

Funding Sources

TCAF receives three types of funds.

95-percentGeneral Donations
General donations are not specified for a single purpose, and 95% of these funds are sent directly to Northern Uganda and placed in a TCAF general account. The funds are applied to a variety of initiatives that have been mutually agreed upon by TCAF and CSG. All of TCAF’s administrative expenses in the United States, including the cost of transferring funds to Uganda, are paid from the remaining 5% of general donations.


100-percentChild Sponsorships
Child sponsorship funds come from donors who choose to provide ongoing support for a specific child. TCAF pays the costs associated with transferring these funds; 100% of these funds go directly to the CSG in Uganda to be used for the needs of that child. Educational and school costs are paid first. The remaining amount is used for other essentials, including health care, shoes, and mosquito nets. CSG accounts for each child’s funds separately, so we can always determine exactly where the funds are spent.

CSG retains 20% of sponsorship funds as an administrative fee. TCAF’s alliance with CSG has proven more cost-effective than trying to provide services on our own. The $40 monthly fee ($480.00 annually) allows us to distribute the remaining funds more efficiently and effectively.

100-percentHumanitarian Gift Donations
Humanitarian gift donations are one-time donations specified for particular humanitarian items, such as mosquito nets (~$10), solar lamps (~$82), and human-powered irrigation pumps (~$300). Donors choose which item to sponsor; 100% of these funds are sent to CSG, and they distribute the items to recipients with the greatest need. TCAF pays the costs associated with transferring these funds.

Contact us for more information about our financial accountability.


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