about-tcaf-firstToday’s Children, Africa’s Future (TCAF) is an international charitable organization based in California. We work with children in Northern Uganda, a war-ravaged region where human rights are abused every day. With so many adult lives lost to AIDS, hunger, and rebel fighters, the area’s children have been neglected, orphaned, and left in extreme poverty.

TCAF was founded in 2007 by Richard C. Shermer, Sr., after a trip to the region opened his eyes to the devastation faced by these children. As a father of four, Richard was deeply affected by what he saw, and was determined to help. He formed TCAF to provide hope for their future.

We believe education is the key to helping children break the cycle of poverty and violence.

Today’s Children, Africa’s Future

Today’s Children, Africa’s Future

We’ve partnered with the Combini Samaritans of Gulu (CSG) to implement and manage our children’s initiatives in Northern Uganda. Their unique understanding of the region’s issues and challenges makes the CSG essential to the success of TCAF’s children’s initiatives. You can learn more about this great organization by visiting our Comboni Samaritans of Gulu page.

Our goal is to enable the children of Northern Uganda to become self-sufficient adults.

The children of Northern Uganda are determined to learn, work, and improve their lives — they only need the support to get there. TCAF’s purpose is to find individuals, groups, and organizations who will sponsor the education and basic necessities of these children, so they can lift themselves out of poverty towards a better life.


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Today’s Children, Africa’s Future, Inc. is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit international charitable organization. Federal EIN number: 26–4687302.

Contributions to Today’s Children, Africa’s Future, Inc. are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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